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Mega Bloks Mutiny Isle Playset

Captain Drew’s toy photography spree over on Flickr continues! Here’s one of his favorites, a playset from the Pyrates™ collection by toymaker Mega Bloks. This playset is named “Mutiny Isle” (model 3632) and features an island, a palm tree, two pirates, a skeleton guy (is he the bad guy? You decide!), a working cannon(!!), a dock, tiki torches, a rubber shark and a giant (relative to the size of the “pyrates”) skull cave that serves double duty as a nifty container for all the previously mentioned bits and pieces.

While these toys have elements that snap together like plastic blocks, they aren’t suited for your small children as they have a lot of small parts that could be easily swallowed… let’s not even think about what kind of trouble they could get into with the spring-loaded cannon.

Mutiny Isle and the other playsets in the “skull” lineup can usually be found for under $10 and make great gifts for the pirate fan in your life. Note that larger playsets like the pirate ships can cost upward of $50. Mega Bloks describes its Pyrate™ universe:

The Legend of the High Seas. Set sail for adventure! Hundreds of years ago, a dark world existed where BRAVERY and LEGEND stretched as far as the ocean…and so did TREACHERY. Rival pirate crews embark on massive warships in search of hidden treasure and a mysterious island harbor, but a crew of skeletons is said to haunt these dangerous waters…

DISNEY FANS: In mid-2006 Mega Bloks released a variant of the Pyrates series branded as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

Many thanks to Captain Drew’s friends Dwight and Barbara for this great birthday gift! The Captain is well pleased.


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