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Hardy Boys Meet Pirate Gold

Solving Mysteries

Did you grow up wishing you had a pudgy friend named Chet Morton, a motorboat named Sleuth and a girlfriend named Iola? Was your Dad a famous private detective? Did your Aunt Gertrude make the best welsh rarebit in all of Bayport? Was your favorite Christmas present a Junior Deluxe Fingerprint Kit? More to the point: did you ever solve the mystery of crazy old Mister Applegate’s missing pirate treasure? Would you like to? Head on down to your local DVD reseller and dig up a copy of this great Mickey Mouse Club serialization of the Hardy Boys, starring Tim Considine and Tommy “Old Yeller” Kirk as brothers Frank and Joe Hardy.

The 2-disc set is a part of Disney’s TREASURES series and comes in a “deluxe” metal tin with a Certificate of Authenticity which guarantees that they only made 65,000 copies… which pretty much assures you there’s little chance your disc will attain collectible status within your lifetime… unless that lifetime will extend upwards of 150 years (fortunately, Captain Drew has been assured by a palm reader that he will live 151 years and therefore he is planning rake in a bundle off his copy, lucky number 33,554).

The story? The Hardy Boys are plunged deep into mystery in their very own neighborhood when rumors of a treasure at old man Applegate’s house begin to seem more and more likely. The signature Disney “Yo Ho Ho” style pirate-filled opening to every episode is enough to make any Bucanneer stand up and cheer. Best suited for ages 8, 14, 39 and 75+.


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