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Care & Feeding of Your New Glass Eye

Glass Eyeball Book

Any pirate what’s lost one o’ his deadlights be knowin’ how hard it can be to come by one of them fancy glass eyeballs. Fortunately, San Francisco’s 826 Valencia Pirate Store has a handy limited-edition book called Your New Glass Eye which comes along with a glass eye (available in four different colors!). Though the book be small (it’s from Japan), it’s said to have quite a lot of good information like what them natural historians (what be called “scientists” nowadays) be havin’ to say about your Tiddly Tom Peepers. Each set is said to have one tiny, handfolded book, a glass eye and a leatherette carrying case.

826 Valencia’s website reports that these be a limited run of 100 editions so you’d best be hurrying to grab this bargain me buckos!

If you do buy one of these here books tell ’em that your old pirate pal Cap’n Drew sent you. It’ll confuse the hell out of ’em~!!


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