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300 Premiere

The Captain be wondering how many of you be girding your loins for the Battle of Thermopylae at the Regal Hollywood 24 at midnight, Thursday, March 8th. Seeing as how many of you belong to that faithful group of 300 geeks what turn out for every sci-fi/fantasy movie ever to come down the pike, I expect to see you there. I even be thinking of meeting up somewhere beforehand… just haven’t decided where that might be yet…. [UPDATE] We now have a place to meet….

Yes, a predictable choice, but a good one nonetheless… The Angel. Note that Thursday is Biker Night. While you’re not required to ride your bike, you are required not to get your ass kicked if you wish to see the movie later in the evening, though it might make the action more real. On second thought, the getting your ass kicked part is entirely up to you.


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