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Blackbeard’s Ship Discovered?

Me old college roommate Blackbeard be making news again this week after historians and archaeologists (what I like to call “history pirates”) have all but concluded that a wreck lyin’ off the coast of South Carolina is his famed ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge!

It were likely that the discovery of 25 cannons aboard the wreck helped convince them bookworms that the wreck truly were old Blackie’s Anne. The reports say that them scavenging archeopirates estimate that they’ve only recovered 15% of the wreck’s treasure, but that they’ve already recovered some of his dishware. Say what you will of old Blackie’s pirating skills, but I’ll tell you that no man set a table like that bastard.

Shiver me timbers but that old sea dog were a stickler for his place settings. Many were the time that we captains would tease him about his tureen collection, but that didn’t give him no pause for collecting the stuff. Near the end, he were only able to get out-of-work waiters to serve aboard the Anne, which certainly made things easier for those of us who were working the same territory since Blackie’s crew didn’t so much rape and pillage as they did refills on your sweet tea.

Still, it were always nice when he’d invite you around for tea time.

I do hope that those archo-snorklers take good care of the Anne, she were the finest ship this side of the Waldorf Astoria.



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