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Official PiratePalooza™ 2012 Photos are Up!

Thanks to one of our great sponsors, The Guy Behind the Camera, we have uploaded more than 375 terrific photographs (follow this link) documenting this past Saturday’s adventures around the port city of Decatarrrr in our search for Captain Drew’s missing treasure map! See if you can find photos of you and your traitorous pirate pals quaffing ale and dancing the reel! Share them with your friends and be sure to share the link to the gallery. Find a few and have them printed out in high quality to decorate your own ship’s cabin!


New! PiratePalooza™ Photo Pool on Flickr

This morning we’re debuting a new Photo Pool on Flickr called (oddly enough) “PiratePalooza” and I’d love to invite all of you who use Flickr to add your palooza pics to the pool for that slideshow-y goodness that people seem to love so much. More info after the cut…. Continue Reading


Spy Photos of rPhone Leaked

rPhone spy shot

An unknown source has posted some fairly high-resolutions photos of the rPhone™, the world’s first steam-powered satellite telephone. While the rPhone’s exact release date has yet to be announced by Captain Drew there are some fairly good indications that the build quality will be as good as anticipated, which translates to “shoddy” and “third-rate” in most Western languages. You speaky the cheap-cheap? Still, let us hold you back no longer, race forward to see the hi-res photos of the rPhone for yourself! How many of you are planning to be the first in your harbor to own an rPhone?


Mega Bloks Mutiny Isle Playset

Captain Drew’s toy photography spree over on Flickr continues! Here’s one of his favorites, a playset from the Pyrates™ collection by toymaker Mega Bloks. This playset is named “Mutiny Isle” (model 3632) and features an island, a palm tree, two pirates, a skeleton guy (is he the bad guy? You decide!), a working cannon(!!), a dock, tiki torches, a rubber shark and a giant (relative to the size of the “pyrates”) skull cave that serves double duty as a nifty container for all the previously mentioned bits and pieces. Continue Reading


New Palooza Pics from 2006

Thanks to Ian O’Donnell’s friend Kathleen Ryan for her photos from last year’s PiratePalooza, the best of which are now up on Drew’s PiratePalooza sets on Flickr (no membership is required to view the photos, so enjoy!). Do you have photos from PiratePalooza online somewhere? Post a comment with a link to your photos!


Photos Galore!!

Well I’m back from me vacation and I be packin’ photos from this year’s PiratePalooza (it takes a while for these digital pictures to develop and them captions don’t just write themselves)!! The photos are broken down into four different sets: Boswell Gallery, Eddie’s Attic, The Brick Store Pub and finally The Angel. Only a few of the photos posted are from me own camera, most of the images posted so far belong to Mr. Boswell of the Boswell Gallery but there are indeed more on the way! I’m placing photo credits along the bottom of contributed photos. Please post comments to the photographs (name the people in the photos if you like), try out the map features to see where the photos were taken and by all means if you have photos of your own from the Palooza on Flickr.com or another tag-savvy image hosting service please be sure to tag them as: piratepalooza (written all together like that). Technorati has tipped us off to some especially glorious photos by Mr. PhotoGnome, you dare not miss them! (that means to click here you bilge rats)


PaloozaLag 2006

Captain Drew has massive case of the PaloozaLag and will be on vacation for the next several weeks but he has asked that all of you who have Flickr accounts to include the word piratepalooza when tagging your photos from this past Saturday. For those who have photos online with other services like Yahoo, Kodak, .Mac, MSN, &c., send us your links! If all of this internot jibber jabber is too confusing for you we’d be happy to post your photos on our Flickr account so drop us a line!


Secret Tiki

Some of the crew of the film “We Are Marshall” met at Trader Vic’s this past Saturday night, demanding that Cap’n Drew make an appearance. A few of those photos are now over on Flickrrrrrr.