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Photos Galore!!

Well I’m back from me vacation and I be packin’ photos from this year’s PiratePalooza (it takes a while for these digital pictures to develop and them captions don’t just write themselves)!! The photos are broken down into four different sets: Boswell Gallery, Eddie’s Attic, The Brick Store Pub and finally The Angel. Only a few of the photos posted are from me own camera, most of the images posted so far belong to Mr. Boswell of the Boswell Gallery but there are indeed more on the way! I’m placing photo credits along the bottom of contributed photos. Please post comments to the photographs (name the people in the photos if you like), try out the map features to see where the photos were taken and by all means if you have photos of your own from the Palooza on or another tag-savvy image hosting service please be sure to tag them as: piratepalooza (written all together like that). Technorati has tipped us off to some especially glorious photos by Mr. PhotoGnome, you dare not miss them! (that means to click here you bilge rats)


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