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Calling All Pirates: Fab Fox Needs You!!

POTC at the Fab Fox

For any of you pirates what haven’t gotten the word yet, Captain Bloodrose has requested your presence at the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Monday, August 27th, for a special screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at 7pm. Tickets will be less than what you’d pay at the Cineplex Odeon Fantasmotron 8000 and…. you’ll be just around the corner from the Spotted Dog Pub if you start feeling a bit dry.

Captain Bloodrose, could you please post a reply to the article detailing whether or no pirates may wear their steel (blades) with their gear? Any recommendations for good parking? Preferred time of arrival? Preferred state of drunkenness? Fox’s policy on swinging from balcony to stage on ship’s rigging? You know, important information we’ll be likely to need.

A few lucky pirates may get to see the movie for free, but you didn’t hear it from me and you won’t find out the truth behind that assertion unless you show up early (upwards of an hour and a half early) in your shipboard finest, ready to frighten small children, rich patrons of the arts and easily-disoriented foreign dignitaries. Spread the word!!


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