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PP2007: The Pirate’s Feast

The Gathering and The Pirates Feast

Doesn’t it seem fitting that a boatload of seafaring adventurers should prepare for an evening’s plunder with their gullets filled with a delicious seafood meal? So did we, that’s why we’re so excited to announce that Nathalie’s Fish House [formerly Levi’s Fish House] has become an official participating sponsor for PiratePalooza™ 2007!! We get the feeling that once you get a load of the special Pirate’s Feast that Nathalie is preparing in your honor you’re going to be as excited as we are (btw, it’s just me, Captain Drew, using the Royal We for this article)!


  • basket hush puppies…….$2.00
    (good for absorbing quantities of alcohol)
  • chowder…..$3.00 cup/ $5.00 bowl
  • bowl of black beans & rice…….$2.00
  • Half dozen steamed oysters with garlic butter……..$5.00
  • Beer steamed shrimp………1/4 lb $5.00- 1/2 lb $10.00
  • 5 o’clock somewhere punch…….$ 3.00
    (proven to prevent scurvy in 74% of pirates)

In addition to her 5 o’clock somewhere punch Nathalie will be serving up Sweetwater 420, Sweetwater Summer Hummer, Dos Equis Amber, Pilsner Urquell and Coors Light (that last one is what we pirates call “table water”).

Nathalie’s Pirate Feast happens in conjunction with “The Gathering” at the Boswell Gallery and we encourage you to filter between the two to your heart’s content…. some music, some shrimp, some sword-buying, some clams, some wench-flirting, some crabs. Wait…. I didn’t know that was on the menu.

For Those Who Use Online Map Sites Please Note: The mailing address for Nathalie’s Fish House (formerly Levi’s Fish House) would lead you to believe that the restaurant is located along Ponce de Leon Avenue, which is incorrect. The restaurant is actually located on the corner of Swanton Way and West Ponce de Leon Place and is within paces of the Boswell Gallery, site of The Gathering from 2pm – 4:30pm. If you can find The Gathering, you’ll have found The Pirate’s Feast!

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