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King Drew Fever Grips Newcastle

Abandon All Hope
Poster artwork by John Leake

Shortly after Noon on Saturday, April 14th, Captain Drew casually announced to a group of sea pirates gathered at the Tavern Upon the Hill in Newcastle that he had just decided to “run for King”. This was received with much more enthusiasm than his last plan to dig for treasure in a privy.

Captain Drew Declares Candidacy for King

The Captain named his longtime rival Billy Bones as his running mate, cementing Newcastle’s once-fractured Pirate Party into a formidable voting bloc.

The growing list of the Captain’s campaign promises include:

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Rumors of Secret Underground Brewpub at GARF

Late Sunday afternoon news of an incredible discovery at the Georgia Renaissance Festival began circulating in the general vicinity of a bush located across the street from the popular springtime event. Passersby report that a man disguised as a “big brown burglar” was shouting the “combination” to an alleged secret entrance to an air-conditioned underground brewpub located directly beneath the ground floor of the new Continue Reading


Renaissance at the Georgia Renaissance Festival


As a skilled attendee of the Georgia Renaissance Festicle (GARF) I would like to share with the world at large my excitement at the genuine effort the owners have been putting into spiffing the old place up and marketing her to Atlanta – there’s been a literal “renaissance” at this year’s Renaissance Festicle. In years past GARF’s television spots featured some other bunch of renfest actors from some other faire – this year the spots have featured the actual Georgia cast – and those spots are running online as well – I see them on Facebook every day and have scored discounts to GARF from those online ads when they feature discount codes like Continue Reading


Captain Drew Identified as Culprit in 2014 Snowjam

Snowjam Press Conference

Republished with persimmons from The Associated Reuters News Press-type Agency

Beleaguered by mounting media scrutiny over the events leading to the monumental traffic nightmare resulting from this past Tuesday’s 2-inch snowfall, and facing harsh criticism from political rivals he will face in upcoming primary debates, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced at 9am this morning a surprise noon press conference in which he planned to “reveal the real culprit in this fiasco”. Continue Reading


PP2007: The Pirate’s Feast

The Gathering and The Pirates Feast

Doesn’t it seem fitting that a boatload of seafaring adventurers should prepare for an evening’s plunder with their gullets filled with a delicious seafood meal? So did we, that’s why we’re so excited to announce that Nathalie’s Fish House [formerly Levi’s Fish House] has become an official participating sponsor for PiratePalooza™ 2007!! We get the feeling that once you get a load of the special Pirate’s Feast that Nathalie is preparing in your honor you’re going to be as excited as we are (btw, it’s just me, Captain Drew, using the Royal We for this article)!


  • basket hush puppies…….$2.00
    (good for absorbing quantities of alcohol)
  • chowder…..$3.00 cup/ $5.00 bowl
  • bowl of black beans & rice…….$2.00
  • Half dozen steamed oysters with garlic butter……..$5.00
  • Beer steamed shrimp………1/4 lb $5.00- 1/2 lb $10.00
  • 5 o’clock somewhere punch…….$ 3.00
    (proven to prevent scurvy in 74% of pirates)

In addition to her 5 o’clock somewhere punch Nathalie will be serving up Sweetwater 420, Sweetwater Summer Hummer, Dos Equis Amber, Pilsner Urquell and Coors Light (that last one is what we pirates call “table water”).

Nathalie’s Pirate Feast happens in conjunction with “The Gathering” at the Boswell Gallery and we encourage you to filter between the two to your heart’s content…. some music, some shrimp, some sword-buying, some clams, some wench-flirting, some crabs. Wait…. I didn’t know that was on the menu.

For Those Who Use Online Map Sites Please Note: The mailing address for Nathalie’s Fish House (formerly Levi’s Fish House) would lead you to believe that the restaurant is located along Ponce de Leon Avenue, which is incorrect. The restaurant is actually located on the corner of Swanton Way and West Ponce de Leon Place and is within paces of the Boswell Gallery, site of The Gathering from 2pm – 4:30pm. If you can find The Gathering, you’ll have found The Pirate’s Feast!

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Tale of Two Parties!

This Friday night The Angel, the location of our last two PiratePalooza PubSings, will be throwing a Halloween party!! If you’re standing around with your hook up your butt, pull it out and head down to The Angel!! Tell ’em Cap’n Drew sent you!!

On Saturday night there’ll be a party at Trader Vic’s, in the basement of the downtown Atlanta Hilton. There will be a $5 cover charge, live music, the Dames Aflame GoGo and a costume contest! Details Here.

Extra points if you show up to either in cardboard.
By “points” we mean “a general sense of well being”.
Cheap bastards, ain’t we?


The Angel : Check

Why, shiver me timbers, it seems there be an update each and every day! Old Cap’n Drew’ll be needin a few days off ta spend with Whiskey Nancy afore he be postin’ agin. Fer now know this: the right fine folk at The Angel pub be keen on the Palooza landin’ on their doorstep so long as old blind Pew don’t show his face. Extra rations o’ rum and raisins for all! Arrrrgghh!!!