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Renaissance at the Georgia Renaissance Festival


As a skilled attendee of the Georgia Renaissance Festicle (GARF) I would like to share with the world at large my excitement at the genuine effort the owners have been putting into spiffing the old place up and marketing her to Atlanta – there’s been a literal “renaissance” at this year’s Renaissance Festicle. In years past GARF’s television spots featured some other bunch of renfest actors from some other faire – this year the spots have featured the actual Georgia cast – and those spots are running online as well – I see them on Facebook every day and have scored discounts to GARF from those online ads when they feature discount codes like JESTER and RAILING.

There are a dozen little details that I’ve noticed, from the ease of purchasing and redeeming tickets to the quality of the mud in the mud show (imported Kentucky grey silt), I am excited that the Landlord has been putting such effort into the event and from what I hear about attendance I think that the effort is being rewarded.

It’s no secret that my number one love is boobs, but following closely on the heels of that is music – I just love to quaff ale while pounding the table to a rummity-tum-tum song about boobs and am hoping that future enhancements at site will include a reinvestment in the superb music community that have kept the faire’s program alive through the tough times – at one point there were bands at GARF that commanded their own extremely active fan clubs (they even had their own fan sites) – just imagine the benefit to the festival if new fandoms were born!

Shananigans 2016 001

From my first love, The Brewer’s Pub, to ever-improving Tavern on the Hill, I foresee a resurgence in the rollicking energy of Newcastle’s famous pub sings of old.

The Georgia Faire won’t be here for much longer – the first weekend of June will be the final weekend, so make your plans to come out to the faire between now and then and if you do ask for me, Captain Drew, at the gate to receive a very special surprise!!!


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