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Levin Delivers Exquisite New Album La Luminosa


Last weekend I wandered through the royal court at the Georgia Renaissance Festival and happened upon Rivka Levin of Three Quarter Ale fame playing her harp and singing music from her latest album (a copy of which I purchased after the performance). Rivka’s skill at the harp is well known to regulars of the festival as is her beautiful voice and I’m happy to add this album to my collection as a memento of this festival.

My favorites from this album include She Moved Through the FaireStar of the County Down (a song she has also performed with Three Quarter Ale), and The Water is Wide.

If you can make it out to the Georgia Renaissance Festival before it ends (the first week of June) you should stop by and purchase a copy of this album, but if you can’t make it out there head on over to Rivka’s page on CD Baby.


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