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2016 Renaissance Festival Forms


After an exciting incident with scones and a wooden chair at the Royal Peacock Tea Room, and in an effort to decrease rail and bannister-related injuries, I recently assumed the position of INSPECTOR with the Bureau of Renaissance Festival Inspections and paid a visit upon the Georgia Renaissance Festival and am pleased to announce that the faire passed inspection with flying colors, so good work everyone! Huzzah, and all that jazz.

Today I elevated myself to the position of Director of the Bureau of Renaissance Festival Inspections and have decided that in order to justify my position I need to address a problem facing today’s renaissance festival community as a whole: a complete and utter lack of bureaucracy insofar as confusing documentation is concerned.  Now, I realize that many of you may say “But Director Captain Drew, that’s why we like the Renaissance Festival!” to which I say “Whatever, just fill out this paperwork.”

Download these important forms today (links lead to PDF files)

R1600 Request for Subject (Royal/Commoner) Identification Number and Certification (download PDF)

F-7 Form for French-type People (download PDF)



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