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Steal Davy Jones’ Heart Parrrty

The Lady Wispa writes in to say that Atlanta Pirates and Wenches Guild be encouraging all able-bodied (and differently-hooked) pirates, seadogs, sundogs, sunspots, spotdogs and spatboys to join them at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club at (or about) 6:30pm on Saturrrday, February 9th for a FULL GARB MeetUp event scheduled so closely to February the 14th that you might as well think of it as “Pirate Valentines”.

Your favorite space pirate (namely me, not Captain Harlock (I hope)) attended the “Pirate Christmas” hosted by the AP&WG and it was a very, very satisfactory event. I mean, how often are the normal sidewalk rats along Little Five Points out-weirded? Surely, the opportunity to taunt emo skatepunks is worth the price of admission??? (which I should point out is free, as I understand it… though you’re liable for your own grog dealins with the Yacht Club’s Pub Wenches).

If you insist on paying an admission fee you should crawl around the deck until you find me and I’ll gladly relieve you of your loose change, bras or pantaloons. It’s what space pirates do at Pirates Valentine!!1


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  1. Veronica Lashe's Gravatar

    Posted by Veronica Lashe on 23.01.08 at 11:29 pm

    Avast, I cannot come to the Feb 9th as I shall be docked at a different port. I do have some lovely burlesque wenches that would love to perform for PiratePalooza, how does one get in touch with ye?