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2008 Dragon*Con Pirate Party

Pirates at a skiffy convention?!?!

Planning already be under way for the 2008 Pirate Party at Dragon*Con... which be some sort of heathen jamboree what happens in downtown Atlantarrr every Septembarrr (scant weeks before me PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl). With the help o’ Cap’n Sparrow I crashed into this rowdy congregation of pirates last year and were supremely impressed with the effort what went into it, not to mention the dancin’, the singin’, the rum, the ample corsetry and a wide range of space aliens from back around me own homestar. No wonder that fire marshall feller were so hot to keep it in check, it were a hootenany to be sure! So, if you’re plannin’ to attend this year’s event you need to know that the scurvy seadogs behind the event have erected a web doodle for to keep all of you rogues and privateers apprised of their every move.

I hope to be there again this year, though I plan on drinking much less Old Spice by accident. Pblblblbtt!!!


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