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The Naughty No No Show

Aerial Angels at Shakespeare Tavern

(video after the break) Last night around ebb tide I slipped down to the bard-stenched halls of the New American Shakespeare Tavern to observe “The Naughty No No Show“, a gymnastic burlesque performed by a quartet of fetching, flexible lassies what call themselves “The Aerial Angels“. Backed up by one of me most popular Palooza bands, the “The Lost Boys“, these faire-friendly beauties twirled and tumbled, whipped and stripped before a willing crowd of paying onlookers. More than a few of the men in the audience got so worked up that they shucked out of their shirts, with one swabby even running up onto the stage to jerk off his breeches.

Not to be outdone, a bevy of the women in the audience stripped out of their bloomers and bustenhalters, tossing them high onto the stage. Talk about your audience participation!

The lassies have two nights remaining on their Atlanta docket: Friday April 25th and Saturday April 26th. The show begins around 10:45pm and tickets are available at the event. I recommend that you leave your autocarriages at the parking deck for Crawford Long, directly across Peachtree Street from the Shakespeare Tavern (it only cost me five of your funny green earth dollars).

Take the Captain’s Advice and hit this event after a warm-up at your favorite pub!!


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