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2008 Dragon*Con Pirate Party

Tentative Location of 2008 Pirate Party

I’ve just received breaking news from me pal Foe regarding the status of the 2008 edition of his wildly popular Pirate Party held at Dragon*Con. Last year’s party featured a Virginia Reel, a non-concert by Mr. Voltaire, a costume contest, a dancing Chewboxxa and a raging Fire Marshal… aren’t you sad you missed it?!! Well now’s your chance to learn the poop for the new and improved 2008 version so keep digging!!!

“You may or may not have known that Dragon*Con held a staff meeting recently. Unfortunately, I could not attend myself. My good friends and Tolkien Track Staff Members Fiver and Deej were kind enough to ask a few questions about the Pirate Party in my stead.

After last year, the biggest change we requested was a bigger room. In 2007, due to occupancy issues (!!!), some pirates were turned away at the door. The Pirates spoke and Dragon*Con listened in a big way, so THANK YOU to Dragon*Con for listening and taking action to help us out.

The tentative plan is for The Pirate Gathering to be (again) on Sunday night (time TBA) in the Hyatt Regency 6-7 (VI-VII). If you don’t know where that is, it’s the floggin’ huge (huge!) room beside the room we had last year. This is at the end of the corridor. [note to readers: take a gawk at the map I’ve made for you buggers what can’t take directions, Captain Drew]

It’s the same room that they hold the BIG Fabrications costume contest in. Whoa. We’re talking room for 1400 pirates.

Also, as of right now, they haven’t scheduled anything in Regency 5 (V) and they may use it as overflow (!) if needed. Last year, the Gathering was held in Regency 5. Since Dragon*Con has only worked up a tentative schedule of events, this could change. The cool thing is that if the location is changed, it will be put in an even bigger room, but not smaller. I hope it stays put myself.”


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