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2009 PiratePalooza Pub Sing

The Perfomer Line-up for PiratePalooza 2009

We’ve kept it secret for as long as we could, but with less than a week before the Palooza, it’s time to announce the entertainment line-up for the 5th Annual PiratePalooza Pub Sing, scheduled to begin at 6:30pm, Saturday, September 19th, at the James Joyce Pub in Avondale Estates, Georgia.

The Brigadoon Bombshells – the evening’s entertainment will begin with this harmonious group of wenches with dangerous curves and hoppin’ harmonies!

Tenpenny Traveler – a stockpot full of sea chanties and authentic sailing songs will have your toes a-tapping!

Joni Minstrel – a legendary protest singer who’s always causing problems wherever she goes. No doubt she’ll be plotting a mutiny of this year’s Palooza if we’re not careful!

Syrens of the South – a wiggly, jiggly bunch of burlesque wenches to tempt you sea dogs what have been sailing too long.

The Lost Boys – these kilted lads in teal do make the women squeal, and it’s rumored that they invented Rock music.

Three Quarter Ale – straight from the Georgia Renaissance Festival, we are likely to experience this popular trio as a duo this year, as it’s rumored that Wicked Pete Speakeasy is afraid that Captain Drew will challenge him to another game of Salt Slug Foot.

Wine, Woman & Song – this group, led by your Pub Mistress Naughty Nellie Peachbottom, performs some great traditionals and will lead you into the final Pub Sing at the end of the night. Don’t miss it!

(photo credits: Syrens of the South by Jilly McJillerson, Tenpenny Travelers by Tenpenny Travelers, Brigadoon Bombshells by Brigadoon Bombshells, all others by Michael Aident)


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  1. Jingles's Gravatar

    Posted by Jingles on 14.09.09 at 1:28 am

    So is there an actual pub crawl this year – as in the past? From ?? to Eddie’s Attic, then to the BrickStore, and ending at the James Joyce? Or are we just skipping the crawl part? Please let us all know!!!