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2009 PiratePalooza PUB CRAWL Map

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We be swamped with emails and comments asking for information on the pubcrawl route for this year so we’re going to go ahead and publish our planned course now to give you enough time to find sitters for your knee-biters. (Please be aware that we only approached Bob and Eddie of Eddie’s Attic LAST NIGHT about adding them to our pubcrawl route, so they’re in the middle of checking to see if they can make it happen… for the time being we are showing them as a “tentative” on our map. If it turns out they’re unable to take us in that night please don’t blame Mister Eddie’s Attic, just turn back around and dance your way back to the Brick Store! )

Check out the full pubcrawl schedule after the cut!

The Gathering (1:30pm – 2:30pm)
This year we’ll slip in, by ones and by twos, to this beer-soaked din of parlour games, this gin-stained shrine to American folklore, where we’ll plot and plan our attack on the unsuspecting city of Decatarrrr.

Legge the Firste (2:30pm – 2:45pm)
We depart Mr. Twain’s riverboat and take to the streets of Decatarrrr to let the townsfolk know that we are come to drink their ale! We strike quickly, hot and fast! Streaking across the soft eastern underbelly of this parochial town we stroll down the high street and around the corner toward the legendary Belgium Bar, secreted in the attic of the Brick Store. As if we couldn’t figure out where they’d hidden it….

The Brick Store (2:45pm – 4:00pm)
Once we arrive here at the Brick Store we’ll threaten their crew with gold and paper and plastic cards full of numbers, in exchange for high gravity Belgian beers and tasty delectables from their kitchen. Tip your servers well, but make sure they know how close they came to danger this day by growling at them!! (restrooms under the stairs toward the kitchen)

Legge the Seconde (4:00pm – 4:05pm)
Once we’ve taken the Brick Store and secured all her tasty kegs of European beer we’ll shuffle over to the scenic Stephen Decatarrrr plaza.

Stephen Decatur Plaza (4:05pm – 4:30pm)
We’ll gather here at the bust of Commodore Stephen Decatur to celebrate the taking of this inland port, dedicated to this ferocious enemy of pirates everywhere. We’ll perambulate up and down like cocks of the walk, to drive home the point that Decatarrrr has fallen well and truly under our power… and to also allow the townsfolk to have their photos taken with us, if they be daring enough. To all you pirates what be from Virginia, this might be a reeely, reeely good place to be around this time, if you catch our drift…. be sure to talk to people in your pirate network for details!!

TENTATIVE!! – Legge the Thirde (4:30pm – 4:35pm)
We escape the pirate-hating ghost of Commodore Stephen Decatur and take to the streets again, this time looking for a port to take us in to let us lick our wounds… and perhaps some limes… surrounded by a copious amount of Tequila….

TENTATIVE!! – Eddie’s Attic (4:35pm – 6:00pm)
After our celebration in the square, any pirate worth his salt will be on the lookout for more rum and ale and pirate grog, so up the stairs to Mister Eddie’s Attic we’ll climb, to slake our thirst… and to listen to songs by Tenpenny Traveler as we consider the last, and longest, leg of our journey…. the route to that pirate conclave known as PiratePaloozaâ„¢!!!

Legge the Fourth (6:00pm – 6:15pm)
Now, take to your longboats and row hard for Avondale Estates!! We’ll meet you at the James Joyce Irish Pub!!

5th Annual PiratePaloozaâ„¢ Pub Sing (6:30pm – 10pm)
his be it… the culmination of our raid on Decatarrrr… the place where we divvy our loot and sing of our adventures along with:

The Brigadoon Bombshells
Tenpenny Traveler
Joni Minstrel
The Lost Boys
Syrens of the South
Three Quarter Ale
Wine Woman & Song

The James Joyce Irish Pub has a spectacular menu and a crew of friendly cabin boys and girls to make sure your jar is never empty, and your belly always full.


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