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2009 Palooza Shirts : Legend of the Cursed Hand

The 2009 PiratePalooza Cursed Hand Shirt

(For those unfamiliar with our tale, the 5th Anniversary PiratePaloozaâ„¢ T-shirts celebrate the Legend of PiratePalooza, a portion of which has been republished below. These shirts will come in Ocean Depth Black adult T’s and Heart of Darkness Coal for the ladies. All shirts are $15. Limited supplies. Available at the James Joyce during the Pub Sing. Cash only.)

As stormclouds drew tight their net over the port of Decatur, old folks shuttered their doors and withdrew to the relative safety of their cottages. Outside, new mothers scooped up their children and scurried them along the old Church street in anticipation of the gathering tempest. When one young lad wrestled free of his mother’s grip she shouted for her husband’s help. Wasting no time the man snatched the child up short and growled “Listen to your Ma now, get along home!”.

“But Pa,” whined the lad, “why do they all bolt their doors? Why are they a-feared of the storm?”

“It ain’t the weather they be feared of, boy. It be the Palooza. It’s coming for us now son, just as sure as the Devil does come for your soul.”

A low rumble of thunder groaned into the gusting wind as the last of the natural light fell away and of a sudden the boy felt the shuddering of a ghost walking ‘cross his grave. He didn’t question the fear he saw etched into his father’s eyes.

“Now RUN!! Run like Lucifer himself was on your heel!”

As if on cue, the rain erupted in blinding sheets and Tommy found himself running toward his home as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Meanwhile, out toward Cliff’s Edge, a pallid white limb scrabbled for purchase… something was come up from the sea… something unnatural, something surely not of this world… and then, the lightning crowned like all the electric forges of Hell and a ghostly white arm clawed toward the heavens…. and THERE!! just THERE… inscribed ‘pon its grasping claw was the double-gee’d letter P’s what marks the dreaded PiratePalooza…

Captain Drew and his accursed pirate horde had returned once more to Decatur.

Run, run, run away home.

The pirates are come to get you, boy.


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