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Social Media Form SM-4 (Rev. 09-2015)



That time is upon us again this year and I hope that you haven’t let it slip up on you like is has me!! Don’t forget to file form SM-4 before mid-October, especially if you value the autonomy of your own private social media control.  Note that page 19 is the most important page and for the first time this year you may simply post a (completed) copy of this form to your own Facebook wall in order to comply with all legal requirements for which this form was originally created.

In case you have been unable to download the entire 16-page worksheet from the DSM I am including page 19 here for those just finding out about it this new online requirement. Part III Refusal may be the most important part for you to fill out, but I recommend that you speak with an expert if you are uncertain.


Don’t forget: in addition to posting a signed and completed version of this form you need to share the following block of copy on your own wall (be sure to fill in the date and time, and if you feel it helpful, a link to my blog post):

As of ______________________ at ___________, I refuse to provide Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or the content of my posts, both past or future. By this statement, I give notice to Facebook et al that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, defenestrate or by any other means take legal or physical action against me or my family based on this profile or its contents, which are private and contain confidential information. Any violation of my publicly-shared private life can be punished by law NCC 1701 (the Tiberius Statute), and possibly by the Second Finnish Declaration of 1952. NOTE: Facebook is now a public entity, traded in the public market. All members (profile holders, managers, page keepers) must post this image and this text, with the requisite relevant information. If you prefer, you can copy and paste this version, as this practice is theoretically legal in Central West Europe and is generally a good idea, pursuant to Dutch/Pacific island custom. If you do not publish this image and statement quarterly (once every 3 months) you may forfeit the ownership and possibly future use of your own photographs and may result in your computer equipment being seized by the Texas National Guard, and the information contained therein posted to newspapers, television guidebooks, English common theatre productions, as well as to Facebook 2, which will debut in May of 2016. DO NOT SHARE THIS until you have SHARED it on your own wall by copying and pasting. This actually applies to Twitter as well.


You’re quite welcome!



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