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Captain Drew’s New Year’s Wish


I really like you people (even the ones who aren’t pirates) and I hope that as we write our final lines into the chapter of the year that you are okay. Perhaps not deliriously happy and joyous, but at the very least okay at the foundation of your being.

I hope that you are healthy, though I know for a fact that more than a few of you are dealing with medical issues or taking care of loved ones who are not well. Very few of us stop to consider how fortunate we are in times of good health, and I am certainly not always the most thoughtful to ask how you are when I run into you, half-drunk clutching a turkey legge in one gauntlet and a purloined stair rail in the other. But I do wonder how you are in those moments of clear thought out on the poop deck.

I hope that your hearts are well with both your family and your friends and with those to whom you may share romance, and if things are not well I hope that you may broker a peace in the coming year. Sometimes dealing with a reality you cannot change is the peace you must accept.

I hope that you are satisfied with where you are in your livelihood, and if you are not content with freebooting or ironmongery I hope that you have the courage to set a new course for open water. There are precious few itinerant wizards wandering the globe these days and you should not wait for one to come knocking on your door, plus I have found them to be rather expensive and often unwilling to provide a satisfactory warranty.

I hope that you will rediscover magic in the coming year, in all the places you need it most, and when the stars wheel and the new year arrives I hope that you will remember your old pal Captain Drew fondly as you spy the stars, aloft in the rigging, or as you sit around a fire on the beach singing shanties, or in the quiet of your boudoir having a fine old conversation with your jubbly (lady!!!) boobies.

Please continue to inspire and challenge me with your cleverness, and at least once in the coming new year I hope that you will change your mind on something significant and feel your world expand in ways that both frighten and excite you.

I hope to have many merry adventures with you in 2016 and look forward to holding your hair. I do not look forward to pictures of Davy Crockett’s chestal region.

Finally, I beg that you should leave me your fortune, vast and deep. I am not talking about your tatty collection of nerd toys, I am talking about cold hard cash, the more golden the better. In fact, please convert all of your contributions from your local currency to the element known to your planet’s alchemists as Au (Atomic No. 79). I would also like the deluxe collection of Soft Rock Classics from Time Life. Hook a Captain up, okay?

Now go forth and loot 2016 – make me proud!!!!!!


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