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Donations for Communion

PiratePalooza #12 - Photo by Dean Ansley
PiratePalooza #12 – Photo by Dean Ansley

The hidden ale-yard known as Communion  has become a favorite ending spot for our crew over the past several years. Better yet, it has allowed us to keep the One True PiratePalooza as a walking crawl from start to finish. Since this time last year the owners decided to convert Communion to an event space, so this time around I have been forced to dip into my chest to cover costs associated with using this space. If you are able to contribute a few doubloons toward helping me cover this unexpected expense I would be ever so grateful.

Note: I will remove the donation link if contributions begin to approach my out of pocket expenses, or once the event has ended, and will update this post regardless.

[donations achieved!]


You’re the best crew I’ve managed to keep alive ever had !

Captain Drew


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