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2017 Grog-Off Winners Announced

Winners of the 2017 Grog-Off

Billy Bones just contacted us via pay phone to ask what day it was and to extend his congratulations to the winners of his 2nd Annual Tybee Island Grog-Off, which were inexplicably written in sharpie on his forehead. It took him 15 minutes to read them off to us (he kept running off to read them using a mirror in the restroom of the gas station he’d woken up in this morning).


Grog Results

Without further delay here are the list of winners and the names of their drinks, which we mostly made up because Billy got into an argument with a gas station attendant before he could finish his report.

1st Place – Israel Hands (“classic grog”)

2nd Place – Pirate Dan (“grog zero”)

3rd Place – Krow (“blue death”)


Billy asked us to thank everyone for attending and their submissions to the grog family of drinks – he’d love to see your photos from the event!


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