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2017 Billy Bones Grog-Off in Tybee

Billy "Fitzsimmons" Bones to host 2nd Annual Grog-Off at Tybee

Me mate Billy Bones should be arriving at Tybee Island any moment now, ready to host his 2nd Annual Grog-Off, a judged competition between grog aficionados to see who has made the tastiest concoction. As any sailor knows, the recipe for grog has changed down through the ages and from region to region (in Australia just about any drink is ‘grog’), so there’s bound to be a lot of interesting entries.

There are likely to be some historically accurate versions of grog at the gathering as well, as seen in previous events.

Pirates discussing grog.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Billy it’s that he’s really crazy about anything to do with grog, so this event is especially fun for him and he hopes that you will join in the fun tonight (Thursday, October 5th, 2017). As to the location of the party Mister Bones explains, “We will have the competition on the beach. Look for the lanterns and drunk pirates on the beach. There will be 3 special judges for the grog-off. IT’S ON THE BEACH, OKAY???!!!!  Unless it’s windy or something, then we may go over to the pier, or down by the culvert, or maybe over to old man McGillicutty’s backyard. We don’t want no run-ins with the Beach Police!”

EDIT: The event was in fact moved to the pier.

If you are new to grog, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on Grog.

Of particular import:

Sailors require significant quantities of fresh water on extended voyages. Since desalinating sea water was not practical, fresh water was taken on board in casks but quickly developed algae and became slimy. Stagnant water was sweetened with beer or wine to make it palatable, which involved more casks and was subject to spoilage. As longer voyages became more common, the task of stowage became more and more difficult and the sailors’ then-daily ration of a gallon of beer[citation needed][dubious ] began to add up.


And if you’re a reader Billy highly recommends the book “Grog Monster” available from

Billy Bones Recommends the book Grog Monster


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