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The Mothball : Pirates o’ the Seven Seas

Grant Park's Annual Mothball

Arrre you already sad that this year’s PiratePalooza is so close to being over (even afore it’s even begun)?? Well fear not lads and bosom-baring lassies, the fine folks over in the neighborhood o’ Grant Park have seen the wild abandon of all of us waterbourne vagabonds and have decided to theme their 33rd annual neighborhood party in our honor. That’s right, this year they be holdin’ what they call The Mothball 2006 : Pirates of the Seven Seas. Unlike our rude invasion of Decatarrrr, this be a proper party with catered food and a cash bar. Instead of sea shanties and lasses in Cap’n Drew’s lap there’ll be a dance floor and boogie-woogie music, and lasses in Cap’n Drew’s lap. It’s in my contract. [Editor: The Mothball and PiratePalooza are not affiliated. This announcement is provided as a courtesy to all you party pirates out there. While there is no attendance fee for PiratePalooza you will need to purchase tickets to join the revelry at The Mothball.]


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