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It’s Easy

It’s easy to order a beer and even easier to order another. Each subsequent beer order becomes as effortless as handing over a sufficient amount of the land’s coinage to appease the tavern master. It’s easy!! It’s easy to get behind the wheel and crank up your combustion engine powered carriage and pull onto the king’s highway. It’s easy to believe that you can steer your powerful locomotion back to your home port without encountering another vessel. It’s easy to be wrong. Again this year I ask for everyone to use forethought before the Palooza. If you come with the plan to drink until you fall over, please plan to bring another steersman who can pilot your vessel for you. At the Palooza pay attention to people who should take a spell away from the grog, ask them how they plan to sail home. The Holiday Inn Select is a simple stroll, scant minutes from the pubcrawl route. Compare the cost of innocent lives to the cost of a room at this conveniently placed inn. It’s easy.


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