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More About ‘The Gathering’

Buy this rare painting of Captain Drew

Don’t miss the event called “The Gathering” (which runs from 1pm – 4:45pm) at the Boswell Gallery (the Official Store for PiratePalooza 2006), leading up to the PiratePalooza Pubcrawl on Saturday, Septembarrr 16th (more details in previous articles below). Part concert, part art show, part pirate sword auction, The Gathering is a chance for you to size up your fellow crew members and enjoy a bit of high culture as the time of The Invasion nears. You’ll even have a chance to purchase an original self-portrait by Cap’n Drew himself! Better yet, you’ll get to hear music by people who know what they’re doing! Matthew Trautwein will step to the stage at 3pm for a half-hour set, followed by The Rum Runners at 3:30pm and Ian O’Donnell at 4:00pm. Captain Matt of will help you select the right kit for a proper pirate.


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