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2006 Shirts Now Available

This year’s PiratePalooza shirts are Now Available for purchase at our official store for 2006, the Boswell Gallery in downtown Decatur!! Since there’s no way to know how many people are planning on pre-purchasing their shirts I don’t know whether to assure you that we’ll have your style/size on the night of the Palooza or to scream at you to hurry down to the gallery and buy your shirts now. The one thing that I do know is that the screeners at T-Shirt Designs Inc. over in Avondale Estates have done a marvelous job with this year’s shirts and that you’re sure to enjoy wearing them anywhere you go!

Note that a selection of ladies shirts from the first PiratePalooza will be available the night of the Palooza for $15/each if you’d like to own a “historic” bit of Palooza memorabilia.


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