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Captain Drew Announces Wholly Unauthorized Pub Crawl

This weekend pirates will descend upon the Georgia Renaissance Festival for their annual late spring gathering. The traditional meeting point for this assembly is the Pub on the Hilla picturesque pub serving beer, wine, cider, and ale.  This spot is one of several pubs featuring stage acts like Landloch’d and the Beastly Boys. It also features Friar Finegan, a monk who is developing a habit for leading festival-goers on pub crawls.

In an effort to assert his now-legendary pubcrawl-leading credentials, Captain Drew has made “arrangements” to lead a “pub crawl” of his own this Saturday at GARF’s Pirate Invasion. The Captain’s pub crawl will begin at the Pub on the Hill around 12:30pm, it will arrive at the Drunk Monk Pub by 1:15pm (wine and cheese MAY be available upstairs, if renovations are complete), arrive at the Brewer’s Pub by 2pm (musical act TBD by fate), then return back to the Pub on the Hill in time to join in on the pirate class photograph.

Along the way the Captain will regale you with his tales of “the time I nearly seen that one wench’s stuff” and “the house made entirely from rum” and “it will cost you another 5 groats to have me leave the premises without making a big scene, if you please, Wanda”.

The Captain has suggested that participants pay $5 to join him in his ramble around the festival grounds, but has so far been unable to provide interested parties with reliable information about wristbands, badges, or other forms of identification.

Participants will be able to purchase the Captain an ale and wenches may ask for his professional opinion on the display of their bosoms. In return they may receive a souvenir clap on the back from the Captain, which should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind.

You must be a sexy wench to participate.

There is no maximum limit to the number of people who can attend, though theorists believe that no more than 7 people in a billion would be dumb enough to empower the Captain in this manner.



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