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Final Stop of 2017 Pubcrawl: Notes About Communion

PiratePalooza #13 begins tomorrow and there’s just a bit more you need to know about our final secret final stop, where the world famous PiratePalooza Pubsing begins (immediately on the heels of the world famous PiratePalooza Pubcrawl) – please be sure to share this information with your mates. The location is called “Communion” and you’ll find it on Church Street, in the backyard of REVIVAL, a restaurant operated by celebrity Atlanta television chef Kevin Gillespie. To get to Communion you’ll need towalk down the driveway and enter via the gate.


Diagram showing entrance to Communion



Please do not park in the lot for Revival, they reserve this area for their daytime customers and will need to make use of it during the day. At night they provide a valet service, so if you’re arriving late and are all fancy like that go to town and valet your ship! The Palooza will be all over the town, so be sure to consult our post about parking in Decatur.


It’s a Cash-Only Night!

This event is so exclusive that it’s happening without the use of electronic devices, which means that they will not be accepting credit cards, only cold hard American currency. We’ve been told there is an ATM at the restaurant Twain’s, only two driveways up from Communion.


Streamlined Food Menu

The streamlined menu for the PiratePalooza Pubsing has been taken directly from Kevin Gillespie’s Gamechanger dining experience at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. Simply pay for your meal items at the outdoor bar and take the ticket they give you to the red food truck at the top of the hill, where they’ll swap your ticket for food.

  • Roasted Pork Shoulder French Dip Sandwich – $8
  • Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich – $5

If you’d like, you may step around to the front and order items from the full menu at Revival.

Since this is a private event you are welcome to bring in food from other restaurants.


Drinks Menu

Pubmaster Tony has worked with his mixologist to bring you some fun drink specials.

The Eyepatch – $5 – inspired by the famous Singapore Sling, with some modern updates

The Gunfire Palmer – $5–  19th Century British soldiers would mix black tea and rum to sip in the morning. This cocktail adds lemonade to sweeten the mix, just like an Arnold Palmer.

Jarritos Shots – $6 – this little number takes the popular Mexican soft drink and adds a shot of rum.

 In addition to these drink specials  they’ll have beer and wine available and you are welcome to walk around to the front and order other drinks from the full bar inside of Revival!


The PiratePalooza Store

Odd Todd will be manning the Palooza Store again this year, and will be handling distribution for pre-ordered 2017 t-shirts and sales for walk-up customers.  Select shirts from older editions of PiratePalooza will be available for the bargain price of $5, though sizes are extremely limited now. PiratePalooza license plates will also be available for purchase!


The Big Concert

Our concert, calle The Pubsing will begin at 6pm (right after the pubcrawl) and end at 10pm. The tables under the black sail are for the crew who came to listen to the giant selection of musicians we’re featuring this year, but there’s also lots of room back toward the bar for those who want to chat and catch up with each others’ adventures! Have a blast!



This year we had to spend some money to lock in our final stop, so if you had a good time we’d love it if you could contribute a bit toward those unexpected costs (more information).


Have a Great Time!

It wouldn’t be PiratePalooza without all of you, so thank you… you worthless sea scum!!! GET BACK TO WORK!!!



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