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Who Shot First?

It’s that age-old conundrum that every space pirate who’s ever been backed into the corner of a dingy spaceport bar has found himself asking: Who Shot First? In this, the second episode of “PiratePalooza: The Adventure Series”, we find that Captain Drew has recovered from being jilted from his date with a pretty girl at a nice restaurant and is down to business negotiating with a traveling mystic who needs a ride to the PiratePalooza…. or is that aboard the PiratePalooza? It’s all so confusing and badly acted…. but have no fear! By the end of this episode you’ll have no doubts about Who Shot First!


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  1. Chuck Sheffey's Gravatar

    Posted by Chuck Sheffey on 07.06.07 at 10:18 pm

    I understand the change of locations. You dont want to OVER use a location so you can use it later.