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7th Annual PiratePalooza™ on Septembarrrr 17th

As Captain Drew so nobly declared last Septembarrrr: “Marrga farza frappa ragga rumma blaarrgh blaarrgh blaarrgh” which roughly translates to “I call upon the pirate captains of the world to assemble your crews and gather 1 year from now in the City of Decatarrrr to celebrate with us there the running of the 7th Annual Official PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing!!!”

And so we be pleased to officially announce that the date for this year’s PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing will be Saturday, Septembarrrr the 17th!

That be only 1 month and 26 days away, poppet, so spread the word to all the ruffians and bandits you run into out there in those hives of scum and villainy you so often frequent. Yes, Kal-El, we be talking about your favorite comic book store. ::headdeck::

We’ll post more information as the date nears, for now please SHARE this as best you see fit (wenches only, mind you).


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  1. Pirate Mojo's Gravatar

    Posted by Pirate Mojo on 22.07.11 at 10:23 am

    Arrrrrgggh-toooo, I be havin’ a bad feelin’ about this. LOL