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Atlanta Radio Theatre Company Releases Treasure Island (with your help)

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) has announced a Kickstarter campaign for the production of their latest project “Treasure Island”.    ARTC has been entertaining audiences with their live radio-style performances since 1984 and can be seen performing to large crowds at many of the larger science fiction and fantasy conventions around Atlanta throughout the year.

Now in their 33rd year, the performance group is hoping to raise $800 to finance production costs for this ensemble audio performance. From their Kickstarter campaign:

Our goal of $800.00 will allow us to recoup our investment in the production of 100 CD sets, commissioning an original musical score from West Coast musician and composer Alex de Luca, commissioning special cover art from SF/Fantasy illustrator Val Lindahn, and pressing, packaging, distributing, and advertising both the downloadable version and the limited-edition CD version of the play. The funds will not go to any other Atlanta Radio Theatre Company project; and the company is a 501 C (3) nonprofit organization. If you compare the cost of adapting a book into a movie and producing the film, our financial goal is exceptionally modest!

If you can spare a few groat you’ll help their campaign jostle along to completion, but if you have 25 smackers you can reserve yourself a copy on a compact disc (an arcane storage medium from the 1900s, a conversation piece at any modern party).

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