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Maui Shocks Festival Crowd

There’s an unofficial tradition among the cast at the Georgia Renaissance Festival that Memorial Day is observed as a “prank day” for tweaking costumes, characters, storylines, and songs ever so slightly as to entertain each other in order to survive the final leg of a brutal 3-day run. These minor alterations usually go unnoticed by patrons of the festival, but they provide the cast with tremendous entertainment, a welcome distraction from the scorching heat, dusty streets, and occasional deluge and lightning storm.  In my opinion the undisputed “winner” of GARF’s 2017 Prank Day was Estaban Diego de Castille who showed up as Maui, a demigod character from the animated Disney film Moana (his body paint was applied by the ladies from The Shenanigans).

Watch the video (below) in its full glory:

Esteban, along with his musical partner Edward the Redbeard, normally perform as Landloch’d – and they recently released their latest album titled The Devils Own Invention, for which Yours Truly directed the artwork – here’s that cover again in case you missed it!

Be sure to look for Landloch’d the next time you’re at the Georgia Renaissance Festival – and tell them Captain Drew sent you!




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