Maui Shocks Festival Crowd

There’s an unofficial tradition among the cast at the Georgia Renaissance Festival that Memorial Day is observed as a “prank day” for tweaking costumes, characters, storylines, and songs ever so slightly as to entertain each other in order to survive the final leg of a brutal 3-day run. These minor alterations usually go unnoticed by patrons of the festival, but they provide the cast with tremendous entertainment, a welcome distraction from the scorching heat, dusty streets, and occasional deluge and lightning storm.  In my opinion the undisputed “winner” of GARF’s 2017 Prank Day was Estaban Diego de Castille who showed up as Continue Reading

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Holy Water from the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

Wooden box with a surprise gift from a pirate inside

Last year I found out that me old pirate pal Joseph “Foe” Davis were nipping down to Mister Walter Disney’s Swamp of Folly so I begged him to fetch me back a souvenir from that rat-infested land of happiness.

However, to keep him on his toes I challenged Foe to avoid ye olde gift shoppe. Well of course I got busy and forgot all about that challenge until he surprised me at Christmas with the most audacious of gifts… water from the secret pirate springs which feed the Pirates of the Caribbean dark ride, which are said to be from the ACTUAL Fountain of Youth!! That’s right, the water in this vial has coursed for decades through that most famous of pirate rides, past your planet’s most famous animatronic sea-faring ruffians, hidden in PLAIN SIGHT!!

Just LOOK at these here pictures of Continue Reading