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Landloch’d Releases The Devil’s Own Invention

Yours truly, Captain Drew, was lucky enough to secure an invitation to an exclusive industry launch party for the fifth album by Landloch’d, a duo with a penchant for whiskey and sheep. This latest album is clearly their classiest one yet because it features the band’s mascot Delilah wielding a trident with a heart impaled on its tines, surrounded by a lavish golden frame.

The album features the following tracks:

  1. Road to Ruin
  2. Wild Rover
  3. Grand Pubs of Yorkshire
  4. Bonnie Ship
  5. Drunkard’s Lament
  6. Courtin’ in the Kitchen
  7. French Shore
  8. Old Black Rum
  9. Scotsman’s Kilt
  10. Don’t Wanna Go Home
  11. Lover’s Wreck (live)
  12. The Mermaid (live)
  13. Parting Glass

You can follow along with the band on the Facebook page for Landloch’d, but the best place to purchase this new album is directly from the band at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, so get moving!


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