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10 Ways to Have a Fun and Safe PiratePalooza!


PiratePalooza™ may seem like a novelty to you city folks in Atlantarrrr, but this grand convening of pirate crews ain’t no joke and it’s a good thing that you tuned in to get these tips from me on how best to survive… Continue Reading


Pogue Mahone at PiratePalooza!


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Tommy and Foe’s friendship, but people who know them would swear the two have been friends for several lifetimes. They met briefly at DragonCon through their mutual friend, Wade Finch, but got to know each other much better by spending a few hours discussing costumes at Foe’s first PiratePalooza (Year 2, in 2006). Though they wouldn’t start singing together for another year or so, their friendship really began that night outside Continue Reading


Curvy, Scurvy, and Purvy at PiratePalooza!


The first two attempts to interview this singing group did not go as planned, and the third interview was an absolute disaster. The fourth interview was cancelled due to a lack of rum, and the fifth interview resulted in a fire that threatened to engulf half of Brest. The sixth interview attempt should never be mentioned in polite company. Finally, we decided to simply steal an interview with the group that was published by Rolling Schooner magazine in 1733.

When did you get together as a group? How did it happen?

Captain Scurvy Pete misplaced his old crew and was looking for a new crew. He met Curvy and agreed to hire him as his new cabin boy. (He still doesn’t understand his strange attraction to his Continue Reading


Toucan Dubh at PiratePalooza!


In 2004 Julia McPeek Campbell & Ian O’Donnell met at the North Georgia Celtic Festival where Ian had been performing solo for a couple of years. Julia was with the Border Collies at the time and the two musicians hit it off immediately and began playing together soon thereafter. Julia’s driving fiddle paired well with Ian’s musicianship & repertoire, and with their voices rounding Continue Reading


Tenpenny Travelers at PiratePalooza!

Tenpenny Travelers

The Tenpenny Travelers first met around the turn of the century at Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) meets, where they provided live music for dances. By 2005 their group had gone legit and could be found performing at the King’s Gate at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. This brief period as “classy instrumentalists” for the quality would not last long, however, as just two years later they’d be found performing for rum-soaked Continue Reading


Linen Brocade at PiratePalooza!


It was a dark and stormy night in 1712… make that 2012… when the band known as Linen Brocade first assembled in response to a plea from their fanboy, Captain Drew, to make an appearance at the PiratePalooza™ Pub Sing… Continue Reading


LandLoch’d at PiratePalooza!


Steve Wright and Ed Rigel first met sometime around 2008, at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Both men were musicians, but would not play together until 2011 when Ed, learning that his current bandmate had a gig that conflicted for that year’s PiratePalooza™, reached out to Steve to see if he was interested in Continue Reading


Half Pint at PiratePalooza!

Half Pint

Ariana Pellayle and Rosemary Quench (better known as Becky Cormier Finch and Rivka Levin Carroll) first met at the Georgia Renaissance Festival in the Spring of 1996, and five years later they began singing together. Their first collaboration was in a band called Stone Soup, which played at the Georgia festival’s stage at the Brewer’s Pub. When Stone Soup disbanded they connected with guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire, Dolph Amick (aka ‘Wicked Pete Speakeasy’), to form Three Quarter Ale. On those occasions when Dolph is unable to Continue Reading


The Wrath of Palooza

Wouldn’t YOU like to know what this is all about? 😉

Secrets! 😉


2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt & Booty Chase


It’s time for the Scavenger Hunt & Booty Chase, m’hearties! Updates will be posted to our Facebook page, our Google+ page and to THIS post on Captain Drew’s blog (so those of you iconoclasts able to resist social media sites will be able to follow along from your bomb shelters). The winners of this year’s scavenger hunt will be announced from the stage at the final stop on the PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing on September the 20th. All entry information should be emailed to bootychase@piratepalooza.com

Updates are posted below. Check back often!

8:00pm – Monday September 8, 2014
CHALLENGE #1 – 2014 PiratePalooza™ Drink
Create and bestow a name upon a mixed drink recipe for the 2014 PiratePalooza™ Season. Our pirates know their way around the bar, so you’ll have to craft something truly delicious to impress them. Be sure to use ingredients that are widely available, as Tobbias and Isabella will recreate the drinks you submit and taste them for themselves!! They will consider their favorites for use as a signature drink at the final destination of PiratePalooza™! NOTE: This item must be submitted by 1:00pm EST on Wednesday, September 10th.

CHALLENGE #2 – Mutiny!
We need you scurvy lot to tell us a story about the time that YOUR CREW carried out a mutiny aboard The PiratePalooza™, but since we know that none of you can read or write you MUST answer this challenge via some sort of artistic manner! This challenge may be executed in ANY medium, from crayons to Photoshop to video, just don’t write it down… our judges can’t read either 🙁 (Be sure to include your scavenger hunt hosts Tobbias Short and Isabella the Cruel, as they’re pirates and are therefore easily bribed).

CHALLENGE #3 – Secret PiratePalooza™ Greeting
Invent a secret handshake, a special hand motion or similar greeting that will allow members of the PiratePalooza™ crew to secretly yet accurately identify each other in public. Demonstrate this greeting via photographs or video.

CHALLENGE #4 – PiratePalooza™ Limerick
Send us a limerick or two about your crew’s adventures at PiratePalooza!

CHALLENGE #5 – Show Our Host Bars Some Love
The good citizens of Decatarrrr are terrorized by us every Septembarrrr so we thought we should give back to the community using some of YOUR money! Go to one of the 4 restaurants along the Palooza route (look them up!) and have a drink or a meal, be sure to tip your server at least $10 (in pirate coins) and get them to pose in a sexy photo with your crew. IF you live too far away to make this happen then do something similar with a restaurant near you. Please, try not to get arrested.

CHALLENGE #6 – Show Us How You Hide Your Booty!
We want a step-by-step illustration of how and where you hide your booty!

CHALLENGE #7 – The Worst Cake of Ever
Make a REAL (no Photoshop) PiratePalooza™ cake worthy of Cakewrecks.com and send us lots of pictures of the making, the decorating, the final product, the consumption and the aftermath of the cake!

CHALLENGE #8 – Dine with the Captain!
A lot of people don’t realize that a chain of greasy, fried seafood restaurants was named after Captain Drew on a bet. Take your crew to one of these restaurants (Captain D’s) in full garb and get some pictures. Extra ½ point if you get other customers to give Captain Drew feedback about his restaurant. See a cardiologist afterward.

CHALLENGE #9 – The Commodore Song
Write a sea shanty about the ghost of Commodore Stephen Decatur versus the Captain Drew and/or the crew of PiratePalooza™. The winning entry will be turned into a real song by Ed and Steve of Landloch’d and performed during the award ceremony at the Harbour House Pub! NOTE: This item must be submitted by 1:00pm EST on Friday, September 12th.

CHALLENGE #10 – Tell Us YOUR Pirate History
Tell us about YOUR crew, from your (pirate) names to what you’re best known for!

CHALLENGE #11 – Make YOUR Crew’s Flag!!
The PiratePalooza™ flag is known and feared throughout the galaxy, but what about YOUR crew’s flag? PiratePalooza™ is like a Cub Scout Jamboree for pirates, and we’d love to see ALL of the crews bring their flags to PiratePalooza™.

CHALLENGE #12 – The PiratePalooza Piñata
Make a piñata of something to do with PiratePalooza™ then photograph/video yourselves busting it open!! No need to bring your piñata to PiratePalooza™, we won’t have the time or the energy to bust it or clean it up!

CHALLENGE #13 – Selfie with the Captain!
Send us a selfie of one (or all) of your crew WITH or AS Captain Crunch! Be creative!

CHALLENGE #14 – Famous People In (or near) a PiratePalooza T-Shirt
Do you know anyone famous? Can you get them to pose for a picture with (or in) a PiratePalooza™ t-shirt?

BONUS #1 – Surprise us!!
Maybe you’re really having a hard time getting your cake to bake or convincing your Governor to put on a PiratePalooza™ t-shirt. Perhaps you’re not good at rhyming or allergic to the smell of fried fish. This option is for you: do something that’s so ingenious we will be forced to give you extra points!

12:50pm – Monday September 8, 2014
Today we are happy to announce prize sponsors for this year’s event!
1) a gift certificate from The Pirates Cove (link leads to Facebook page) at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (you’ll have to wait until next season to use it)
2) a little special something from O Christmas Geek, fine purveyor of geeky holiday ornaments

Saturday September 6, 2014
1) assemble a team of no more than 4 persons
2) name your team
3) send an email to bootychase @piratepalooza.com with the name of your team and the name of the players