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Parking Options for PiratePalooza

Parking options for the City of Decatur, from lots to decks.

People often say to me, they say, “Captain, could you please climb down off of my table whilst I am eating my dinner,” which is a perfectly reasonable request. Other times they simply ask me for the best parking options when attending my world famous PiratePalooza™ Pubcrawl & Pubsing.

On those occasions I simply tell them “Have a look at this map!”, which is likely to be the best advice you’ll get from me all month. This high resolution map (PDF format – approximately 824k download) was created by the City of Decatarrrr around 2016, so some details may be vary when you arrive in the town.

Observe Parking Restrictions

I would urge all attendees to obey any and all signs that indicate the presence of parking restrictions, as them fellers what drives the wreckers and tow trucks don’t much care for pirates after one of their sisters was left in the lurch by slow-eye Charlie from Kent.

The City of Decatarrrr don’t count “The Invasion of Decatur” as a valid excuse for parking violations (at least not anymore), so if you park along the street be sure that your buggy is actually in a legitimate parking space and not pulled halfway up onto the curb.

Our final stop does not offer all day parking, and the nearest lot to that location belongs to another business which has the right to have cars towed, so be bloody careful!


Prices for all-day parking range from $5 up to $15, but if cost is a concern to you there are some government-managed parking areas that offer free parking on the weekend. Note that those are not directly along the route of PiratePalooza, so be prepared to do a bit more walking.

As always, be sure to take your valuables with you to avoid having your car broken into!



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