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Juliana Finch to Join Palooza

‘Tis been awhile but we’ve slept off our rum and remembered that we’ve a parrrrrty ta run in little more than a month so we’ve wiped the schmutz off’n our little box o’ blinkin’ lights and are postin’ this here message to bring you all ’round hard.

We’ve just found out that Good Cap’n Mal will be there but a short time the night o’ the Palooza due to the fact that he’s agreed to appear in some sort o’ stage performance called Rocky Quarry Pickup Snow…. errrr, somethin’ like that. He says that he’ll be playin’ with part o’ Franklin’s Weenie. We’re desperately hoping that we’ve not heard that correctly.

As a result of Cap’n Mal’s sudden rise to glorious thespianism, his singing group “The Brogues” will be steppings aside to allow the much talented and much lovelier Juliana Finch take the stage at the Palooza proper. Boys, bring yer best eyepatches!


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