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Lost Boys Join PP2005 Lineup

Here’s a report fresh off’n the floor o’ the Dragon*Con what be in Atlantarrrr right now!! Our Music Director, the Good Cap’n Mal o’ the fine pirate ship the Schadenfreuden has popped out o’ his practice long enough to give us our schedule, and the rumors are true!! The Lost Boys will be found at Pirate Palooza 2005!! Read on for the details….

The Lost Boys will be at (or outside of) Eddie’s Attic between 4:00pm & 4:15pm….

At The Angel:
1. Juliana Finch 9:00pm
2. Wine, Woman & Song 9:30pm
3. Joni Minstrel 10:00pm
4. Susan Hickey 10:30pm
5. Three Quarter Ale 11:00pm
6. All Star Jam 11:30-until??


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