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Press Release: PiratePalooza 2007

All right you scurvy lot, listen up! You have exactly three months to prepare for PiratePalooza 3! This year’s Palooza will be on Saturday, September 15th in Decatur, Georgia. That means you have three months to sharpen your swords. Three months to gather your gold. Three months to memorize your favorite songs and three months to work on your sea shanties. I want you lasses to know that I’ll be judging the presentation of your corsettes this time around, and while there’s no official “trophy” as yet you should nonetheless begin working on your posture as I might just award you the Captain’s Cup (which is not uncoincidentally shaped like me own cupped hand). Remember, it’s not the size of the ship that matters lassies, it’s how she handles the swells. And speaking of “swell”, I have some fairly swell news to deliver you in regard to who we’ll have playing the Pub Sing this year so keep reading!!

With but a few exceptions we look to be havin’ our full complement of Palooza Performers from 2005 and 2006 have tentatively signed on to entertain your cursed hides all over again!! Here be The List So Far:

  • The Brogues
  • Juliana Finch
  • Susan Hickey
  • Joni Minstrel
  • Ian O’Donnell
  • The Rumrunners
  • Three Quarter Ale
  • The Ten Penny Travelers
  • Wine, Woman & Song

Happily, we’ll be adding The Ten Penny Travelers to our lineup this year 🙂
(The lassies from TPT should report to the Palooza early for the first-timers lap-sitting with Captain Drew, ’tis but a mere formality)

Sadly, we’ll be losing the Lost Boys to King Richard’s Faire in Boston 🙁
But no tears for Mr. String and the lads… this be great news! We’ll miss you at the Palooza but we’re very excited that you’ve hit the Bigge Time! While you’re away I’ll be all too happy to host your Teal Nation at the Palooza! Bring your old Captain back a souvenir from the land of Beans!!
Make sure she’s a brunette if you can 😉

And for the rest of you lot, keep your interneat thingies dialed to for more information about this year’s event!


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  1. Scurvy Sally's Gravatar

    Posted by Scurvy Sally on 15.06.07 at 4:39 pm

    Ahoy, matey! I am understanding that a very fine & rollicking Lost Boys tribute band (ar! ar! ar!) will be storming the stage at Eddie’s Attic at 5 of the clock in the evening on 9/15. Will there be other festivities prior to that? What is the cover charge, if any? And will my heaving bosom & priceless booty remain safe from all plunderers???