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Old Spice™

Guinness and Old Spice, Do Not Mix!!

It were the night of the Dragon*Con Pirate Party (quite fantastic if you could get in) and The Captain had been called into action far sooner than intended. Still groggy from the previous day’s activities, I thought to splash a bit of me grandfather-scented Old Spice™ round about me person… you know, just to freshen up. Well, as any pirate knows, getting all sashed up and lashed up into your fightin’ kit takes a bit of effort, and somehow in that leather and linen melee I ended up walking into the lobby of the Hilton with me bottle of Old Spice™ in me hand.

Too much of a bother to turn on me heel and go back down to me autocarriage to put away the bottle of aftershave, I elected instead to make it me canteen for the evening and drunkenly offered a sip to an endless number of beasts and beauties… both as cologne and concoction, but always in jest.

Later, perhaps an hour or so before the pirate party began, I found meself in the lower lobby of the Hyatt… a Guinness in one hand, Old Spice™ in the other. A lubber appeared at me side waving a great grand camera the size of a Guinea Harvester. He petitioned me to provide him with a pose, so I held up me Guinness in the left hand and me Old Spice™ in me right hand and I pretended for to pour the latter into the former.

He snapped away, bade me his thanks and melted into the crowd.

Me? I drank me Guinness.

For the next five minutes I kept wondering why “Hotel Guinness” tasted so different…. until I realized that my right hand must’ve been a bit more tipsy than me left.

That night I truly were an Old Spice™. (Peed like one too!)

Kindly reprinted from another location with my own permission.


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  1. tony's Gravatar

    Posted by tony on 23.04.08 at 11:57 pm

    arrrr matey, old spice is my flaver to mask my stink and wooo the lasses that i bungel. passed down by my pappy many ages ago. often thought it would do as grog in a pinch.