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Mockup of 2013 Ladies Fashion Shirt


As noted in a previous post, pre-orders for the 2013 PiratePalooza™ shirts are now up and running and people are placing orders! Yesterday we updated the PiratePaloozaGear™ page to provide sizing information AND to announce the shirts we’ll be printing onto this year. The “standard” adult-T will be printed on high-quality Hanes 5180 Beefy-T’s, while the ladies fashion shirts are getting sexier still! We’ve listened to the wenches who have been asking for form-fitting shirts with deeper necklines and this year we’re going to be offering a premium ringspun cotton shirt made by Bella in “Team Purple”. Even with the hastily-prepared mockup shown above you can see that these things are really going to turn some heads! (is it just us or does this lovely young wench have outrageously long arms???)

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