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Pissed Producer Protests PiratePalooza™ Production

Flight of the Conchords

Update: Production of the 2008 season of PiratePalooza™: The Adventure Series has been delayed since mid-April due to a unexpected strike orchestrated by well known Hollywood Producers Tab Mueller and Taffy Barstow. As Executive Producer of popular programs like HBO’s “The Flight of the Conchords” and MTV’s “Viva la Bam“, Mueller is said to jealously guard his end of the pop culture pool, though many insiders believe that this Continue Reading


Dry Humping Captain Jack

Confession of Disney Pirate

Them boggers over at Los Angeles Magazine have dug up a real fine firsthand account from one of the buggers what dress up like the popular film pirate Captain Jack Sparrow at the Disney theme parks. Turns out that portraying the world’s most popular movie pirate be nearly as close to working as a Santa Claus at the local shopping mall as you could ever imagine, the exception being that instead of being peed upon by screaming kneebiters you’re subjected to girls dry-humping your leg…. which is of course awesome. Unfortunately, the job also involves being subject to the laws of the Disney Empire. Think you’ve got what it takes? Read all about it on LAmag.com!!



King Billy Pulls Nice Leg

People are always telling your old pal Captain Drew that I don’t always understand what’s happening around me… that I have a very loose grasp on reality, which is of course a fat load of old cobblers. For instance: earlier today I were explaining a movie about renaissance festivals to a lass what swore up and down and up and down that I “misintrumpeted the message” that I “misunderstooped the thrust” of the thing. Well of course I just slapped her on her sweet fanny and kept going, but then later I got to thinkin’ that perhaps I ought to put something here on me bog and see what you lubbers thought of it… you know, just to make sure I be on course. The movie be called “Knightriders” which were made by a feller named Georgio “Alpha” Romero. Be warned: this movie features nudity and lots of hardcore Continue Reading


Cloverfield Easter Egg??

Cloverfield VFX Crew

As the sexy star of PiratePalooza™: the Adventure Series and creator of the rPhone™, it’s no secret that Captain Drew be a bosom-centric space pirate with a penchant for puzzles, who seems to enjoy referring to himself in the third person. Unfortunately, my embarrassing wealth of charisma and charm have left me with little time to devote to puzzles, riddles, ciphers or clever conundrums, until recently when I ran across what I suspected to be a hidden code during a scene at Coney Island near the end of the movie. Did you see what was on that big sign behind the rag?? Did you follow the leads? If so, did you find THIS picture??!!!