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PP2005 Collectible Poster

Original PiratePalooza Poster

It’s time for all o’ you fine and true pirates to begin spreadin’ the word that the Palooza is nigh well upon us. We’d a’thought that ye might a’been handin’ the black spot ’round in all those dark rum holes where you spend your wakin’ hours, but then you are all such a visual lot these days…. we realized it might take a bit more to make things happen. That’s why we’re a’ givin’ ya the Official Pirate Palooza 2005 Collectible Poster, and it’s all fer’ free since yer also a damned cheap bunch o’ mackeral lickers.

And fer all o’ you lot what wants to show the poster on yer own little web-type sites but don’t know how to do anything unless somebody holds yer hand and gives ye the magic words, here be them magic words now.

<a href=""><img src="" alt=""/></a>

Just copy ’em down into your HT-type MEL and see if’n they don’t make a tiny little Pirate Paloozer poster show up on yer webble pages.

Garrrr… Seems that Cap’n Drew had too much PHP tonight….


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