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PiratePalooza 2006 T-Shirt Artwork

Have you been layin’ asleep in yer hammock wonderin’ to yourself “Ohh Deary Me, I wonders what the PiratePalooza shirts will look like this year!” Well dunder yer brain no more me hearties, ’tis time to be showin’ you what I’ve in store for you this year!! Introducing: Booty Call and Musical Swords!!!!! And oh my gosh, does the Jolly Roger on the Musical Swords shirt really Glow-in-the-Dark??!!

These shirts will be available the week preceding PiratePalooza at our Official Store, The Boswell Gallery, in Decatur, Georgia. If you would like to purchase a shirt to be shipped to your location please contact Cap’n Drew for pricing. Certain sizes of these shirts will sell out very quickly, don’t miss out!!!

The heart of PiratePalooza is the music provided by the extraordinary groups who grace our decks! This year’s commemorative shirts celebrate piracy and showmanship in one swell foop! Cutlass on one end, guitar on the other, and in the middle? That’s right, a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Jolly Roger!! And each shirt is only $15!!

SIZES (Adult Cut): 2 S, 6 M, 10 L, 20 XL, 3 XXL, 2 XXXL
Adult Cut

SIZES (Ladies Cut): 9 S, 10 M, 15 L, 3 XL, 2 XXL
Ladie's Cut

You’ve been such a dear monkey crew that I wanted to celebrate this year’s theme with the saucy wenches who make it all worthwhile, and what better way to mark our upcoming tryst than with a shirt that says it all?

This shirt marks Cap’n Drew’s re-entry into the world of Haute Couture for women. Wenches, you’ll turn heads when you bounce into the bar, sails a-billow. Every swabby from Halifax to Hindoostan will have his eye on your smart lookin’ bow young missy so watch where you point them cannons!! Shirts by Bella, Design by Cap’n Drew in drydock.

SIZES: 10 S, 3 M, 6 L, 2 XL, 1 2XL
Ladie's Cut

One More Thing
And for those of you ready for the gangplank, er, the catwalk, don’t miss out on the matching pink eyepatches made special by Cap’n Drew’s own dear Mum and Dad, as seen in the famous video Captain Rob. Like the shirts, these designer eyepatches come in very limited quantities, unlike the shirts they’ll be sold for a mere $5 each.


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  1. Catie's Gravatar

    Posted by Catie on 29.08.06 at 11:07 pm

    Can I order a shirt by mail before?

  2. drew's Gravatar

    Posted by drew on 29.08.06 at 11:07 pm

    The shirts won’t be in-hand until this Wednesday, so I don’t think I’ll be able to ship any shirts to anyone by the time of the Palooza BUT after we receive the shirts a selection will be available for pre-purchase at the Boswell Gallery until the night of the Palooza. If you will be in the Atlanta area and are able to go to the Boswell Gallery beforehand I recommend that you do so. HOWEVER, if you cannot attend but would still like to purchase a shirt I think I can accommodate orders via PayPal [shipping and handling will be added to the cost of the shirt(s)]. If that will work for you go ahead and use the CONTACT button to send Cap’n Drew a message containing the shirt(s) and size(s) you’d like to order and I will figure out the shipping costs via the USPS.