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2008 PiratePalooza Begins

We’ve already lowered our skiff to the chop below and the men are climbing aboard… in less than two hours the city of Decatarrrr shall fall beneath our boots and steel and unending thirst for blood and rum. Beware lubbers, the PiratePalooza is UPON YOU, even now.

Remember, the Palooza Pubcrawl goes through Decatarrr again this year, but it ends at the James Joyce in Avondale Estates this time. If you happen to drop in upon the Comers over at The Grange do buy a drink, give ’em our best then beat it quick out to Avondale for the Palooza!!


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  1. Lady Wispa's Gravatar

    Posted by Lady Wispa on 20.09.08 at 12:24 pm

    Well done and thanks to Captain Drew for Pirate Palooza it was a lot of fun as always.