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Major Website Upgrade!

PiratePalooza Upgrade 2012

Guess what? We have a brand new website!!! It’s hard to believe but the old PiratePalooza has been chugging along for 8 years now!!! For quite a long time we was using my own personal Captain’s bLog here to host the news about my annual invasion of Decatur, which many people like to tag along and watch. But finally we found somebody what knew his URL from his CSS from his PHP from his SQL from his HTMwhatever…. and now there be a brand new shiny website at the main web thingy, – please Visit the New Website (click here) and have a look for yourselves because I could have bought a car for what that thing cost me… so go and click all over the blasted thing!! And stay tuned in here now, at, where I can return to simply talking about any old thing that I takes a fancy to… which mostly means bosoms.


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