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Curvy, Scurvy, and Purvy at PiratePalooza!


The first two attempts to interview this singing group did not go as planned, and the third interview was an absolute disaster. The fourth interview was cancelled due to a lack of rum, and the fifth interview resulted in a fire that threatened to engulf half of Brest. The sixth interview attempt should never be mentioned in polite company. Finally, we decided to simply steal an interview with the group that was published by Rolling Schooner magazine in 1733.

When did you get together as a group? How did it happen?

Captain Scurvy Pete misplaced his old crew and was looking for a new crew. He met Curvy and agreed to hire him as his new cabin boy. (He still doesn’t understand his strange attraction to his cabin boy.) After bonding over a pint of rum he hired Purvy as his first mate. Just this year he hired on two more crew members, Swervy and Topsy-Turvy, who are still on probation.


How long have you known each other, and how did you first meet?

We still don’t know each other well. It’s easier to abandon the others on an island that way.


How did you decide on the name of your group?

Wait, we have a name?


What’s your favorite song to perform? What makes it fun for you?

Row Row Row Your Boat, Oranges Poranges, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Lots of rum makes it fun.


Where did your group first perform?

Our first performance was in a forgotten little ale house on the outskirts of New Castle one night when we were all stinking drunk (hence the reason we forgot where that was). After waking in a dark alley wearing each other’s clothes we decided to change how we perform. Now we stick to just singing and only at PiratePalooza™ where it’s perfectly safe for any self respecting pirate. Bah! It’s safe for non self respecting pirates too!


What was the first year you performed at PiratePalooza?

2518… or was it 1825?


What first attracted you to the music that you perform?

We heard other groups singing great music and decided to do the piratical thing and stole their songs.


What music are you listening to these days? Got any links to share?

Gangster rap. We’ve got sausage links to share. Wait, scratch that. We don’t share.


Do you currently perform with other bands? Where can people hear you?

One of our crew is two timing?!! Traitors!


How many albums do you currently have for sale? Anything new on the way?

We’ve got tons of albums we can sell you! Send us money and we will send you an album of our choice in the mail. We were just recently thinking of non-destructive ways to get rid of our old cassette tape collection. Sorry, we have nothing new right now but thanks for helping us out!


Do you have a website?

We used to have a website, but it got shut down for public indecency.


Where can people buy your album(s)? (Have a link?)

As soon as our website is up again you can send us money there. Or just buy us a beer. Oh yeah, and we’ll send you an album.



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